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DSC_1047net (2)After over 35 years of Sales and Marketing experiences which range from Managing Manufacturer’s Representative and Distributors to founding a Manufacturing Representative Company of distinction and running it successfully for 20 years, we have become dedicated to the Noble Purpose of Training , Developing and Engaging Technical Sales Teams. Remote Sales Teams face some unique challenges relating to Engagement. We have refined and perfected a proven method for developing, motivating and leading a sales team that can be used to help your sales team. These methods have been continuing to be improved as I lead my sales team of technical, remote based sales professionals for over 13 years as VP Sales of a Growing ,Dynamic Food Ingredient Sales Distributor active in the USA, Canada and the EU.

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Your team needs to feel connected and moving toward a common purpose…a common mission. I can help them get there.

How can the communications be improved throughout the sales team at all levels? How can the Sales Team be connected to all of their various support teams? How can the Support Teams take pride in the accomplishments of the Sales Team and feel the connection of their efforts in supporting  this successful team?

There are specific ways that we have learned to improve performance and engagement in these remotely based teams. Reach out today for a consultation.

How can we work with your team ?cropped-Oars20Forward20Logo201-2-1.png I hope to be hearing from you.