Team Engagement Benefits

Have You Ever Thought About …”What is Team Engagement?” and  “What are the Positive Effects for My Company or Organization” ?                                                                           Growth

Having a fully engaged sales team will propel your company to new heights. It will help in your Sales Funnel Success and Conversion and will translate to large increases in your company’s bottom line.

When all of your sales team are actively engaged, they are moving in the same direction , toward their shared goal. There are studies that show over 60% of the work force are not fully engaged. They are either passively or actively disengaged. This equates to a large amount of lost opportunities. 

Communication and being heard is very important in the engagement process. We work to improve communications at all levels and touch points of the sales team with a proven system of success developed in the field over 33 years.

The cost of Sales Team Personnel turnover is substantial. Not only is there recruiting costs but there are also on-boarding costs. We estimate this cost is over 50% of the first years sales compensation.

The goal needs to be to identify, on-board and keep your team fully engaged and reduce team turnover. It is disruptive to the team ,to the rest of your company and to your customers. 

Be a Hero to Your Owners, Board and Stakeholders.

Let’s work on Sales Team Engagement Together!