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Brendon Burchard and John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success – 5 Points on the Path To Greatness

I am re-posting this blog,  I want to give a big shout out and introduce you to one of my newer mentors and an older one of mine. I listened to a great presentation by Brendon Burchard who is the Author of the Motivation Manifesto and check out his latest book on Amazon “High Performance Habits” just released. Front CoverI was really impressed. Blown away by his sincerity, knowledge and wisdom beyond his years. I caught a few Youtube clips by him and he caught my eye. I was drawn to him .

He has extensive podcasts and blogs . No Nonsense and he keeps things real.

I found our why when he said one of his mentors was Coach John Wooden. Then I understood since Coach Wooden and his Success Principles have guided things I have done in my career for many years.

Brendon has a unique way of communicating and the message will resonate with all generations. He talked about 5 points of success on the Path To Greatness ant these were:

1.Self Control– Avoid Complacency and Control what you Can. Prepare yourself for whatever it is you are planning to accomplish for the results will depend on how well yu are prepared

2.Intentness- Keep focused on The Task and work on keeping multitasking to a minimum.

3.Team- The Team is what can accomplish more than any individual . Understand your role on the team and if you are a Super-Star, learn to work within the team to accomplish greatness.

4.Enthusiasm – You generate this enthusiasm from within and you should use techniques and tools which help you garner this enthusiasm.

5.Competitve Greatness- You compete with other people and this is natural but tru greatness is when you compete with yourself. You set your own Personal Bests… This is the secret to World Class Athletes, Actors, and leaders in the business world. How do you do better and better using your own best efforts as the yard stick to measure?

I was so happy to learn of Brendon Burchard’s work and I know that I will be tuning in to hear other presentations done by this guy. He is a performance coach that I am happy to call one of my mentors as is Coach John Wooden. Check out John Wooden’s pyramid of Success if you have not already done so. It will help you in the 5 points stated above.

To Your Success!

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