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A Poem For Life


life is

What would your life be like if you really lived by these suggestions?

I know when I can be present, not let the world get too intense . I am aware and do not let my day slip from complexity (which is great for growth) to Chaos (which is frenetic and does not foster growth).

I make an effort to focus on my breath and do about 5-15 minutes of meditation .

I find it can help by reading a poem or a special passage from a book or the bible which has meaning for you.

After reading the poem above, try this and see what thoughts come to you after you close your eyes and focus on your breath.

It can be a profound experience . You really are becoming who you were meant to be.

Put some guided effort into the direction you wish to take yourself.

Be the best person you can be and watch how your coaching, whether it is to your sales team, your family or your community activities improves.

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