Does Your Team Know Their Higher Purpose ? Here’s How To Lead Your Team To Discover It!

This is a course to help a team develop a Higher Purpose...a shared goal and vision.

Sign postYou are now a team leader,  you are in your first team meeting and you are addressing your new team. What do you want to say to them? How will your message be received?
I am sure you will do well. You have been prepared by good coaches who have brought you to this moment in time . Wait, no you haven’t. You feel you might not be ready. You wish you had paid more attention to how others who were in this situation handled it.

No matter, here you are. You want to let your team know that you are there for them. You are their leader and coach. You will want them to know you have a vision for this team. It is a vision of success. It is a vision of pride and team identity. It is a vision that all members of the team will be asked to participate and give all of their talents for the success of the team. When the team is successful, everyone is successful.

Where will you start? You start with a common vision. A vision of what gets you going in the morning and what gets each and every team member going in the morning. This is the Higher Purpose. This is the shared vision. This is what will encourage each team member to look at all their actions through the lens of this Higher Purpose.

It is where you start as a leader of a team. Helping your team define their Higher Purpose.

The course we have designed to help you through this is a great guide and tool to do this. Team Higher Purpose Course

Let me help you to develop this for your team.

I hope you and I can be on this journey together and we can learn many new things about coaching your team. Know the difference between managing and coaching. Know the difference between leading and telling. Learn the difference asking the right questions can do for you and your team’s performance.

Whether it is about making budget, accomplishing amazing goals and objectives or just putting together a highly effective team that works together smoothly… I can help you. Check Out Our Oars Forward Website

I wish you good coaching, good selling (if you are in my noble profession) and Success!

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