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What makes a Superbowl Team and How does your team compare?

pexels-photo-260606.jpeg“Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”–Vince Lombardi

Yes, it is that time of year, the time of year that all but 2 NFL football teams have gone to their lockers and cleared out their stuff till the work begins again in a couple of months. Yes there is strength conditioning and nutrition stays important throughout the off season but the full time job of football takes some time off.


Everyone is excited about the match ups. This year we have the always present New England Patriots and their genius QB Tom Brady going up against a young 2nd string quarterback with a hot hand – Nick Foles. I only mention the QB s because that is the position people focus on the most. There are so many other players, contributors that have worked so hard to get these teams to where they are now.

There are some that say that Business and a Sales Team are very different than a pro sports team. There is some truth to this but I choose to look at the similarities not the differences. Football teams have position players and to get to the Super Bowl, these folks must play their positions to their extreme best. Winning sales teams have position players too. There are those on the sales team that are very good at hunting and prospecting, others that are great at farming and building existing business to new heights. There are those who are really great at demonstrating your companies products. Some folks are great at presenting the informational powerpoints to help engage their audience and show them how this product or idea or system can change the prospect or customer’s business environment and success factors significantly .

Do you know who your position players are? Do they show up consistently week in and week out and get better and better at their craft?

How much do you role play and discuss best practices and synerios  during your weekly, monthly and quarterly sales meetings. I guarantee the Patriots and Eagles have practiced for all types of scenerios and they are practicing at this moment these strategies against each other. What can the tteam do to capitalize and their strengths and expose the other teams weaknesses. Yes every team has their strength and weaknesses. You competitors have strengths and weaknesses. How different is the Super Bowl practice from a SWOT analysis of your competition?

How do you on board rookies- new people coming into the team? We all want great results but are we giving the new people (like new quarterbacks) time to season and mature before we throw them into the deep end of the pool? Are you happy with yoru onboarding of new team members?

There are many things we can learn from Championship sports teams. Unlike the Superbowl or the College Football National Championship game, there seems to be only focus on the winners. Business is different, it is not a One Winner take all and their are many ways to get to the promissed land of not just making the numbers but exceeding the budget. It is not a Zero Sum Game.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” –Michael Jordan

As Sales Coaches, we need to learn all we can from as many sources as we can. This will make us listen better. Better business coaches ask the right questions to get to the core of an issue and propel their team members to Level up and continue to get better at what they do. Better at their profession-Selling and have improved product knowledge that can be applied to make their customers and prospects improve their businesses or lives.

I personally do not have a dog in the hunt in this Superbowl LII but I will be watching those athletes live out the dream , the goal of playing in the Super Bowl and coming out the victor. I will be watching those great commercials and seeing how these companies will be able to monetize the great cost of a Super Bowl Ad. Finally I will be watching for any tidbits from the coaches and players that show their strategies and how they overcome adversity and savor victory.

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