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10 Characteristics of a Real Team Player- Is This You?



We write about being on a team and how a team is only as good as it’s members. Here are some questions to ask yourself about characteristics of a Great Team Player. Does this describe you? Whether you lead a team or not, How do you contribute to it?

  • How much do you Encourage your team mates?

  • Do you keep your commitments that you make. Let the Action Cycle be your guide. If you say you will do it…do itAction Cycle Components

  • Do you understand the goals of your team? If not, ask questions so it is clear.

  • How well can you deliver both good and bad news ? How comfortable are you at delivering this to your team? Great  team members have great communication and a comfort level among them that allows for this open communication.

  • Good Team Members respect and support their team leader. If you do not support the team leader, sometimes it makes sense to move on to another team. Good team members need to feel that their team leader of coach has their back. This also needs to be recipricated as a team member as well.

  • Speaking of a comfort level, Good Team members work out conflicts with other team members when things are not quite right. Address your conflicts early on . Do not let them stew until they reach a boiling point. Some people call this “emptying the file cabinet” usually with an explosion. Dont let it get to this.

  • How much do you keep improving your skills ? Your Experiences can help the team to continue to grow and not stagnate. Keep on your personal imprevement path…it will make you more valuable to your team and to the world.

  • Great team members celebrate the victories and accomplishments of other team members. They are genuinely happy for the wins experienced individually. they know that indivisual wins lead to the collective win of the team. Celebrate the success of others and be humble and grateful when other celbrate your success.

  • Great team members are looking at things from a glass half full standpoint. They have a can do attitude and are not affraid to roll up their sleeves and tackle some big projects.

  • Finally, do not expect the Team Leader or Coach to have all the answers. Respectively offer some ideas that can help improve the team. It is all about constant improvement . That what separates the average team or even a disfuntioning team with the good and great teams. Hone your team skills and your team will reap the benefits as well.


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