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How Many Teams Do You Coach??

This seems like a strange question. You Coach a Sales Team and you know each and every Team Member Well.




But have you thought of your outsourced sales team?How much effort to you give to helping to coach your Distributors Sales Teams? How about if you use Manufacturer’s Reprsesentative? These may be one or two person businesses or they may have 8-10 Sales Representatives.  These outsourced sales teams offer some particular challenges to you. They represent other Sales Partners or Principals and not just your company and products. You do not control their time or the amount of efforts they give to your product line but you can certainly influence them.

Do you see yourself as a coach to these auxilary sales teams? You should. Team Engagement Benefits You can use the same methods and principals for successful coaching that you use for your direct Sales Team as you coach your auxilary teams.

What kind of things do you need to keep in mind when you are doing this? Check out our White Papers we have on this subject on our website. http://www.oarsforward.com Download White Papers and request your download.

Sales Coaching is all about increasing communication and thus increasing active engagement of your sales teams…All Sales Teams.

Good Coaching  and Happy Hunting to all of you! Download White Papers

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