Do You Know Your Higher Purpose?

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What is Your Higher Purpose?

Have you ever met that person that just seems to exude passion and energy ? Do you wish you could just bottle some of this  and save it for those times when it may be hard just to get out of bed?

We all have tough days. Having a higher purpose will pick you up off the mat. I felt this way until I learned through some personal work and time what my higher purpose is. This is the thing that drives me forward even as I move into what might be considered the autumn of my career. I have never had more passion and energy for what I do and it feels great to be on a path that I know I belong.

For me, this higher purpose is coaching. I liked to teach as a graduate student when I was in college. I enjoyed my time as a Boy Scout Leader and watching the Boys become men before my eyes. I enjoyed my time as a karate instructor and watching students become better with their techniques and their confidence grow.

The thing was, I didn’t stop and really ask myself what was it about these activities that really was enjoyable for me. It wasn’t until much later in my life that I discovered how much I enjoyed helping my sales team grow as a unit and the individuals to grow as well. I enjoyed watching our team interactions.
All of this came because I spent to time to discover my higher purpose , my noble purpose.

This Podcast will introduce you to this concept.

I hope it sparks in you the same want and need as it did for me and for those on my sales team. Enjoy!

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I wish you all success on this journey of discovery.

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